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With an Associate's Degree in Business Administration, Certification of Holistic Health Coaching and Personal Training, Greta is eager to work with clients and start inspiring them to live a more healthy, intuitive lifestyle.


I’m Greta Kent, a holistic health coach and personal trainer but most of all an advocate for intuitive, healthy living. I love to research nutrition and listen to podcasts - my blood is part matcha part green smoothie and I believe carbs are one of the finer things in life.

My mission is to inspire you to live your healthiest, happiest life. I believe health involves all aspects of physical, mental and social health and my goal is to inspire and educate you to make practical changes to live your best life.

I provide you with practical, sensible knowledge allowing you to make changes that will actually improve your health and wellbeing, without the confusion.

My approach is holistic, meaning I address nutrition, stress, sleep and physical activity. I focus on nourishing from the outside in. I am a true believer in natural healing, balance, and life-long health.

I hope you find something useful, inspirational or, at the very least, entertaining.

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